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Nov 20, 2017


We work our bodies hard at Jazzercise. I had a new student in class last week who commented afterward that the workout was “harder than expected”. Nice. A tough workout is what we want, yes? For that heart, those lungs, those muscles?

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Jan 20, 2017


Oh, it’s that time of year again. Christmas is gone and (hopefully) so are the multitude of sweet temptations – the shortbreads, Rice Krispy squares, chocolates. Maybe you’re like me, have been suffering with laryngitis, or perhaps a nagging cold, the flu. You haven’t been able to workout (much) or get out for a walk in these ongoing frigid temperatures, but you’ve still managed to shove the few remaining goodies into your gob. You pass by the scales, step gingerly on and BAM! New Year’s resolution #1: lose weight stat!

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