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Gaby Copeland | Jazzercise instructor | London ON
Gaby Copeland

I have been teaching Jazzercise for… 30 years. Time flies when you’re having a great time!

I became a Jazzercise instructor because…Love to dance. I am a big believer FIT=HEALTH

I worked as a Geologist before having my Down Syndrome son, Sean. Thanks to Sean I have devoted my life to health and fitness through Jazzercise.

What I like the most about Jazzercise is … watching new students realize that exercise can be FUN. I also love teaching my 3 disability classes. They are so free to sing, laugh and try their best.

My most embarrassing class was when … I told the vibrator story.(Fitness belt vibrator)

Something most of you don’t know about me … I used to build hiking trails in the Rocky Mountains. Hence my favourite thing to do outside of teaching Jazzercise is walking my dog in the woods. I find it very calming.

My motto at Jazzercise is … “suck it up”


Meredith Steele | Jazzercise instructor | London ON
Meredith S.

I have been teaching Jazzercise for 11 years and can't imagine my life without it!

I started going to class in the early 90's with my mum, I love how the program is ever evolving and uses the most current music for our choreography. There are many different pulse pounding, fat burning formats to choose from. There are truly options for everyone.

I recently became a new mum to a boy named Liam. I taught classes until 41 weeks (right until I gave birth). I attribute my strength to continue teaching until the end to Jazzercise.

In my down time I love spending time with family, seeing live shows or just hanging out.

Hayley Blyth  - Jazzercise London
Hayley A Blyth
Zumba Instructor

I have been teaching Zumba for three years. I became licensed in Zumba because I love the latin vibe and enjoy shakin it! There is nothing more I love to do then express how I feel through movement. My favorite way to sweat is to dance. I am also a triple threat performer as I graduated from Sheridan College in Oakville for Music Theatre Performance. I am a vocal teacher also. I teach different dance forms including Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Modern, Lyrical, Contemporary, Hip Hop and Musical Theatre.

I also worked as a showgirl with CCL (Carnival Cruise Lines) for three years. Something exciting you may not know about me is I have ziplinned over the ocean in Labadee Haiti 500ft high traveling 40-50mph! When I am not teaching Zumba I love to travel, shop and try new sports! Zumba is a great way to stay in shape and become more flexible. My guilty pleasure is watching Coronation Street while eating chocolate!

Cindy C.
Rita Davis | Jazzercise instructor | London ON
Rita Davis

I have been teaching Jazzercise for … 15 years. Best decision ever!

I became a Jazzercise instructor because … I wanted to take my fitness to the next level and I love to dance. Something you may not know about me is … I climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro in 2007 - for Make-A-Wish Foundation and in honour of my late husband Hugh. Oh, and I also wrote a memoir about it called Long Climb Back. In my future life I will … publish another book. My favourite summer treat is … ice cream in a waffle cone.

Right now my favourite artist is … Ed Sheeran. I cannot get enough of him. Someone invite him to class! Make him do Shape of You with us! The thing I love most about my workout is … the sweat factor, the feeling of victory in the body right after and connecting with my Jazzercise community. When I am not working out … I love to read, write and draw.

Joanne Gibbon | Jazzercise
Joanne Gibbon

I have been teaching Jazzercise for almost 25 years and love it just as much as that first class... well actually more! I became an instructor not only to keep fit and the fact I LOVE to dance but I was up for a challenge(as I am a very shy person....without a mic). Becoming an instructor was going to put me way out of my comfort zone! I was up for the challenge and here I am 25 years stronger! The one thing I love about Jazzercise and being an instructor is the ability to make people forget their worries and laugh while getting a good sweat. Nothing beats the feeling after your workout....Great! Your only one workout away from a good mood. When I'm not working out I love to cook and work on little projects....Pinterest 4ever!

My most embarassing moment is when my shorts ripped right down the front seam when I was on stage. Don't wear white underwear!

A motto I live by...."You can't buy happiness. But you can buy cupcakes and that's kind of the same thing."

Penny Izatt-Ogunyemi

I have been an Instructor for 20 years, certified July 1997. I was a competitive highland dancer for 20 years in my younger days, with tap, ballet and jazz thrown into the mix.

After marriage I concentrated on raising my family and my career in the investment industry. But there came a time when my family was grown and somewhat self-suffient, that I knew I needed to do something for me. Along came Jazzercise, a fun and "dancy" program that I could do on my time schedule. I loved the music, the moves and, most of all, the people. Nobody was judgemental and you were greeted like family.

Since I love being on stage and performing, I made the decision to transition from customer to Instructor, and the rest is history.

As long as I'm capable of talking (never seems to be a problem) and dancing, I will be up there guiding customers through their class and having some chuckles, sometimes at my own expense. I also act as their TV guide. My favourite routines are anything with Pitbull, Bruno, JLo and Gwen.

My favourite pastime is hanging out with my beautiful granbaby, Angęli. I spend as much time with her as possible. I have 4 dogs (3 of them rescues) that love me twice a day, breakfast and supper.

Lori Mathews
Lori Mathews

Instructor Lori grew up in the northern community of Timmins, Ontario. She moved to London in 2000 to attend university and loved it so much she stayed. She currently works at Western Medical coordinating installations of diagnostic imagine machines in hostpials across the country. She loves her job but she also loves Jazzercise! She became a student 7 years ago. 5 years ago she took the leap and became an instructor. Lori loves everything about Jazzercise, the friends, the classes, the community, the workouts, the fun and the laughs. In her spare time Lori and her fiance Brian are also planning their exciting Las Vegas wedding, Elvis here they come! Jazzercise is a key component to being wedding dress ready.

Kim McCaw | Jazzercise London
Kimberly McCaw

I have been coming to Jazzercise since 1992. At that time my children were 2 and 4 years old, I was working part time, and I couldn’t wait to get to a Jazzercise class for “me” time.

That hasn’t changed over the years. I always look forward to class for the physical stamina it has given me as well as the wonderful friends I’ve made along the way.

In 2010 I decided it was time to certify and I became an instructor and I’ve never looked back. I love meeting new people and sharing what I think is the only way to exercise. I love the format of dance and strength and the list of hit songs that we get 5 times a year.

When I’m not Jazzercising, I enjoy gardening, golfing and travel.

Anya Prohaszka

Anya has been a Jazzercise instructor for the last 6 years, but has been Jazzercising for at least the last 15 years. She loves music from her Canadian boys - Justin Bieber, Drake, and Shawn Mendes - and her boy from Belgium - Stromae. Anya has three daughters, aged 10, 8, and 5. When she is not taking care of her own kids, she's taking care of the neighbourhood kids before and after school - or just whenever! She runs a Dance Crew of 30-plus kids in her small town's elementary school, and finds watching kids interacting with each other to be one of the most interesting things ever. When Anya grows up, she wants to be a creative writer and have a novel published and for sale in book stores. She was a finalist for the John Kenneth Galbraith Literary Award and is working on writing her first novel.

Leslie W.